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by venemousxkisses (venemousxkisses)
at April 17th, 2007 (07:01 pm)

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Hey guys!
Just recently, MiW had to close down their website, due to large amounts of SPAM on the forums.
As of April 13th (i think), a NEW improved site has been opened.(with the same link)


So, head on over and join =] I already have. lol, I'm "Maria" if anyone wants to know! hope to see everyone there.

MiW in studio
by venemousxkisses (venemousxkisses)
at November 14th, 2006 (03:20 am)

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Hey! Joined this place some while ago, never got around to posting a thing, but MiW is my favourite band, so might as well give some news to those who dont have myspace.
Andy Valentine posted this in his Myspace Blog :
In the studio!

We started recording for our next album this monday, and I'm really excited! We've had some long days this week, and it surely can be exhausting sometimes, but you quickly forget about that when you hear how friggin great it sounds. We work with a very talented producer this time, Geir Sætre from Ninth, who helps us stay focused and making it all sound fantastic. As usual I'm pretty involved in the whole process, so when the other guys are finished, I do Pro Tools work at my own studio. So yes, I am a very busy man these days. But I like!

Another thing I like is how we work. Rock records today tend to be extremely over-produced, inhumanely tight and Auto-Tuned to the absurd (for you out there who doesn't know, Auto-Tune is a tool to get the singer in tune, often resulting in a very funny sounding and artificial voice if over-used). Where's the soul, the energy and the moments of a good performance? It certainly isn't in countless Pro Tools plug-ins and tools - it's in the hands and hearts of the musicians! We looked back on some of our favorite records, like The Cult's "Electric" and Guns n' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" and decided to do it the old way, but with a modern touch. We record what we can live, and add whatever else in a few takes, not focus on details, but on the songs as a whole. It doesn't matter if there's a few mistakes or sloppy parts as long as it sounds good and there's energy present.

Don't get too excited yet, though, cause we don't have any release date on this. I can, however, promise you one hell of an album!!

That was his last blog ^^
I'm not to sure how to make LJ cuts yet (I'm fairly new to livejournal),I'll just put one of their recent photos.

Thats them! Taken yesterday by FakeRed. I got it off the Malice In Wonderland myspace.
Personally, I think they look great. all of them. but Chri$ Wicked's leather pants..yumm.

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